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bottle stoppers

All of the bottle stoppers are made with a dowel that runs thru the cork and into the wood.  This makes for a very strong connection, keeping the cork from twisting off the top piece.

$15.00 ea. + s&h

Tagua Nut

The tagua (tah-wa), or ivory nut palm, is found throughout South America and Panama.  The nut is actually a seed that grows in large clusters and is edible in its green state.  Used to replace ivory since about 1860, only unsprouted seeds are collected and kiln dried. Buttons, carvings and scrimshaw are only a few of the items this vegetable ivory is used for.  Similar to ivory, tagua nuts will also darken or antique with age.  

Tagua nuts are a sustainable resource that help preserve the rain forests.

Pictured here are a few samples.  The darker areas are part of the skin covering the nut that has not been turned due to their  irregular shape.  

Please allow me pick one for you.

Banksia Seed Pod

There are 76 species of banksia.  All but one are found in Australia, ranging from 3’ to 75’ in height.  The seed pod is what remains after the tree has flowered.  These pods or “cones”, protect the seeds of the banksia from animals and fire.  In many species the pods will not release their seeds until after a fire

or they have dried out completely.   The holes you see are where the seeds used to be.  Pictured here are representations of the styles available.  Please remember this is a natural material, and is hand turned, so there may be color and slight shape variations from what is pictured.

temporarily out of stock

Manzanita Root

There are 52 species of manzanita native to North America.  They range from Alaska down through California and well into Mexico.  In California, manzanita is known as “chaparral”, and is regularly bulldozed or burned out from under trees to help control forest fires.  

Its roots are tough and capable of growing around rocks in the poor soil where it thrives.  

This adds to the character and beauty of the individual pieces.

temporarily out of stock

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