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my wall of shame


Ever since I can remember I have been involved with some form of art or another, and give a great deal of credit to my grandfather.  He always helped with my wood projects and had a meticulous attention to detail that he passed along.  At the age of eight, we built a working toy wooden sailboat together.  Granddad always made sure I got to the art store if needed, and encouraged and supported me with all my projects.  Selling my first pen and ink when I was 13, I continued on and experimented with other mediums including oils, acrylics, and pastels.    

My grandfather always felt I should pursue a career in woodworking but I was afraid of loosing my passion for it.  Instead I followed a career in the animal field where I became the dietitian for the Jacksonville Florida Zoo.  While working there, I discovered the local community theatre where I began volunteering backstage, building sets, and running props.  During this time I learned quite a bit about design and went to work for several different high end furniture and cabinet shops.  Eventually in 1989 I decided to start my own custom furniture business, giving me more control over the designs, and the quality of the work as well.

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